Northeast Florida Information Network (NEFIN) is a database of community resources and consumer information on the World Wide Web. As a public service, it provides a central source for information about a wide variety of resources available. In addition, it provides links to useful "consumer information" that can aid people in evaluating and choosing those resources.

It is designed to:
  • improve access to information about community services and resources;
  • enable community resources to make information about their services widely available and easily found;
  • enhance information sharing, referral, and collaboration among community agencies and resources;
  • aid in community capacity building.
Northeast Florida Information Network (NEFIN) includes resource information about both public and private, non-profit and for profit resources, including agencies, organizations, government units, clubs, associations, schools, churches, businesses, libraries and others. It can be searched by topic, key words, service area or proximity to a zip code. Resource maps can also be printed.

Resources can manage their information themselves from anywhere there is Internet access. Entering and updating the information is easy -- just a matter of typing text into fields and selecting from menus. User Guides, online help, local contacts, and a toll-free help desk number are provided to assist users. For those who can't manage it themselves, there are often organizations willing to assist.

Being on the World Wide Web makes the information widely accessible 24 hours a day. However, not all individuals -- or service providers -- have access to the Internet as yet.

Northeast Florida Information Network (NEFIN) is a tool for community capacity building: information, referral, networking and collaboration, planning, and asset mapping. The process of implementation, which utilizes NEFIN team members, local steering committees and other partners, aids these capacities.

Northeast Florida Information Network (NEFIN) has more than 70 local partners. Some of these partners are: United Way 2-1-1, Catholic Charities Bureau, City Rescue Mission, City of Jacksonville, Goodwill Industries, Salvation Army, I.M. Sulzbacher Center, Jewish Family Services, WeCare, and many others.

There are over 3,800 resources listed in the database, and it is growing rapidly.