1. What exactly is United Way 2-1-1?
2-1-1 is the easy to remember, three-digit telephone number that enables people in need of services with the most appropriate community and human resources. By simply dialing 2-1-1, callers are able to be connected with specially trained information and referral (I&R) call center specialists from their community who can assist them with finding solutions to the problems and issues that are troubling them. The idea is simple, instead of dialing seven and 10 digit telephone numbers for I&R, you can simply dial 2-1-1.

2. What is Information and Referral (I&R)?
Information and Referral (I&R) is a service which helps people understand their problems, provides information to help them make informed decisions regarding possible solutions, and links those people in need of services with appropriate service providers in the community who can meet their needs. Highly trained staff provides these services and also maintain a large community resource database that adheres to state and national standards.

3. Who calls United Way 2-1-1?
Each year, more than 100 million people use I&R services nationwide. In Florida alone, more than 2 million people and 154,000 in the Northeast Florida area dialed an I&R for help. Callers are:
  • adult children concerned about their aging parents
  • the elderly trying to retain their independence
  • single parents trying to make it on their own
  • parents struggling with out-of-control kids
  • the depressed trying to keep their lives together
  • young children alone or afraid
  • teens struggling with adolescence
  • the financially disadvantaged of all ages who are on the verge of being evicted or losing their electricity or water
  • teachers, social workers, judges, nurses and other human service and medical professionals working to meet the complex needs of their clients.
4. Someone says they cannot dial 2-1-1 on a business or commercial phone line. What can be done?
Companies with existing blocks in place that will prevent outgoing 2-1-1 calls can contact their telecom vendor to have the PBX switch reprogrammed to accommodate 2-1-1 calls from their place of business. Business phones that require that you dial a "9" for outgoing calls will need to have their phones reprogrammed to allow for 2-1-1 calls. Also, if there is a "block" on three-digit calls, they will need to have their phone system reprogrammed. You can always get through by dialing 1-904-632-0600.

5. Can I dial 2-1-1 on my cell phone?
Yes, most cell phones are now able to access 2-1-1. If your cell phone is one that cannot, please dial 1-904-632-0600.